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Van santen & vink

Ever since Dimer can remember, he has had a camera on him to capture everything that was going on in his life. At first he was using his parent’s camera’s, but in 2002, at the age of 17, he finally got his first own camera. He started to combine his passion for photography with his other passions: cars, racing, watches, sports, music and later his children. And not without success. His talent was recognised by (among others) FOAM (Fotografie Museum Amsterdam) and UNSEEN.


Jeroen is a true petrolhead. As a lover of all technical things, he developed an early passion for (pocket) watches as well. Soon after Jeroen and Dimer met, they spent every Monday evening working on cars and mostly on Dimer’s race car. As it was impossible for Dimer to drive his car and take pictures of it, he started teaching Jeroen, who clearly had the talent for it. Years later, Jeroen has built a great portfolio of car and product photography.


Together Jeroen and Dimer are a great team. The understand and complement each other with their different skills and creativity. 


Combining their love for everything automotive and photography they take their work to a higher level.